In 2020, I was awarded a VACMA emerging artist bursary from the City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland to produce a multimedia artist book in collaboration with my brother, award-winning poet Stewart Sanderson.

At its heart, this project is about finding creative ways to connect during a pandemic, which restricts us from seeing each other in person. I had the idea of creating a collaborative artist book with my brother - who lives across the border - produced by sending each other creative prompts then responding in our respective mediums (he poetry, me visual art). It is a record of a particular historical moment, and is really about creativity's potential to be a positive and connective force.

'Place' is a key theme of this project. In the book, find us reflecting on shared memories of places near where we grew up as well as places particular to where we each are staying. The videos, featuring three of the poems in the book, also reflect on the idea that in different ways our practices are about rhythm: the rhythm of a verse and the rhythms evoked by moving a paintbrush across a surface. Evidence of these rhythms can be seen in the mark-making of my paintings, as much as in my brother's careful structuring of his poems. 

This book is multimedia insofar as it operates on different platforms and takes different forms: you can access it online (in video and book form) as well as in the form of a physical pamphlet, which is available to buy in my online shop (Shop | There is a pdf below, which you can click through on this page to see the book in full. There is a feedback form at the bottom of this page. I would love to know what you think!

You can see more of my brother's poetry at Poems – Stewart Sanderson ( 

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