Sun Spots, 2019. Oil-paint, oil-pastel,  marker pen and lithograph on angled board. 43.5 x 63cm.

Sun Spots (close-up), 2019. Oil-paint, oil-pastel,  marker pen and lithograph on board. 43.5 x 63cm.


Lichen. Oil and acrylic paint on lithograph on angled board. 22.5 x 35.5cm.  


Rays. Oil and acrylic paint on screen-print and lithograph on angled board. 22.5 x 35.5cm. Private collection.

Pebble. 160 x 180cm. Oil, acrylic paint and gesso on canvas. 2018.

Misty Morning: Twisty Tree. 110 x 160cm. Oil-paint and charcoal on canvas. 2019.

Fissure. 110 x 160cm. Oil  and acrylic paint, thread and charcoal on canvas.  2019.

Wave Rhythm. 112 x 163cm. 2019. Oil-paint, charcoal, acrylic paint, acetate, mobile-phone holder, magazine, lithograph and marker pen on stretched canvas. Private collection.

Storm Storm.  45 x 35.5cm.  2019. Two layer lithographs on angled board, acrylic paint and gloss-medium on edges. NHS Lothian collection.

Solar Flare. Oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, oil-pastel and emulsion on canvas. 160 x 180cm.

Natural Rhythm: Waves.Oil-paint, watercolour-crayon and charcoal on lithograph on board. 129 x 58.5cm. Private collection.

 © 2018 by Rosalind Ann Sanderson

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