Currents I. Emulsion, oil-paint, charcoal, nail-varnish and wood on stretched jeans. 2019

Currents II. Emulsion, oil-paint, oil-pastel, charcoal and pendant on stretched trousers. 2019

Currents III. Emulsion, oil-paint, paper, wood and acetate on strips of stretched jeans. 2019

Counterflow. Acrylic paint, oil-paint, marker-pen and oil-pastel on wood. 2019

Coda. Emulsion, paper and oil on board. 19 x 9.5cm 2019.

Storm. Framed Lithograph. 32 x 45 cm. 2019

Flow 1. Lithograph, glass, wood, oil, emulsion and varnish. 36 x 43.4cm. 2019.

Flow II. Screen-print, glass, wood, emulsion, oil and charcoal. 31.5 x 40cm.

Splash. Oil-paint, emulsion, and charcoal on linen. 15.3 x 29.9cm. 2019.

 © 2018 by Rosalind Ann Sanderson

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